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Safety Must be a Priority for FIFA

For 32 days, 32 national teams competed in 12 stadiums throughout Brazil for the honour of being named the winner of the 2014 World Cup. As Germany won its 4th title over Argentina 1-0, the names that will be etched on the minds of the close to one billion fans are Lionel Messi, Jaime Rodriguez, Mario Gotze, and Neymar da Silva Santos. These players will be remembered for their skill, power, artistry, and finesse. Other names that these fans of the beautiful game should remember are the nine workers—Mohamed Ali Maciel Afonso, Fabio Hamiltin da Cruz, José Afonso de Oliveira, Fábio Luiz Pereira, Ronaldo Oliveira dos Santos, Raimundo Nonato Lima da Costa, Marcleudo de Melo Ferreira, Antônio José Pita Martins, and José Antônio da Silva Nascimento—who were tragically killed in the … Read entire article »


Olympics 2016: Unions of furniture sector gather together to draw up a strategy for the sector

Olympics 2016: Unions of furniture sector gather together to draw up a strategy for the sector

Around 20 Brazilian unions from different regions of the country gathered in Curitiba, south of Brazil, to discuss the impacts of the 2016 Olympics and to draw up a strategy for the sector. The meeting was organized by the BWI and was supported by its affiliate in the State of Paraná, FETRACONSPAR. The unions discussed the economic situation of the sector … Read entire article »

Brazilian worker killed in accident at Sao Paulo monorail project just two days before opening match

While São Paulo is preparing to host the opening match of the World Cup 2014, the fall of a large concrete support beam at monorail project has killed a worker Juraci Cunha dos Santos. The two other workers were taken to the hospital. The work was part of the list of works for Sao Paulo preparation for the World Cup; however, the work was taken out of the document because it would not be ready in time. The monorail will be 18 km long and it will include stations at Congonhas airport and at Morumbi. In this neighborhood there is a stadium that was presented as the Mayor’s first option to host the games, but the … Read entire article »

One more worker die in FIFA World Cup 2014 Stadium

Another worker lost his life on Thursday 8th of May in one of the Brazil World Cup stadiums bringing the fatalities for the coming mega-sport event to nine. The worker Mohamed Ali Alfonso Maciel, 32 years old, was electrocuted while working in Arena Pantanal in Cuiabá-MT. He was an employee of the company Etel Engenharia which is part of the consortium for telecommunications of the stadium. The mad rush to finish the arenas has now claimed nine lives. Eight workers were killed in their workplaces due to accidents while another suffered  a heart attack after an accident in the Arena Amazonia. Seven of these deaths happened since November last year. The BWI affiliated union SINTRAICCCM that represents the workers of the stadium together … Read entire article »

Workers strike in the work sites for the World Cup and Olympics in Rio de Janeiro

Around 30,000 employees in the construction industry stopped their activities as they claim for  wage increase and better working conditions in Rio de Janeiro, the host of the final match of the FIFA World Cup in July 2014 and also the Olympic Games in 2016. The workers paralysed seven major projects of urban mobility and infrastructure planned for the 2 major sports events and this included the expansion of the Metro, the Port, the Transcarioca and Galeão Airport . The BWI affiliate SITRAICP has been negotiating with the employers and they demanded for 10 % salary increase, food stamps of R$300 (USD 135) and 100% overtime payment. On March 31, workers on assembly rejected the proposal of … Read entire article »

BWI Delegation Visits a “No-Accident” Stadium in Brazil

BWI Delegation Visits a “No-Accident” Stadium in Brazil

Prior to the Hand-Over for Decent Work Campaign Towards and Beyond a BWI delegation led by Ambet Yuson, General Secretary of BWI and Per Olof Sjoo, President of BWI conducted a visit of the Itaipava Areana Fonte Nova stadium in Salvador Bahia. The football-only stadium which has the maximum capacity of 55,000 people will be one of the stadiums for the … Read entire article »

Unions issued a statement calling for more dialogue and safety at worksite in the final stages of preparation for the 2014 World Cup

Unions in the construction industry who participate of the Campaign for Decent towards and beyond 2014 sent to the responsible for the organization of the World Cup 2014 in the country and in the host cities a statement calling for a greater dialogue and safety at works of 2014 World Cup . The statement was motivated not only by the accident that occurred on February 7th  at Arena Amazonia, but also by the pressure of deadline to finish the works. The statement indicates the need for greater dialogue between the unions and the organizations responsible for the event, a national labor contract for the sector, and the expansion of the National Commitment to Improve Working Conditions in the … Read entire article »

Worker dies at World Cup stadium in Manaus where England face Italy

A worker was killed in an accident outside the World Cup stadium in the Brazilian jungle city of Manaus, local organisers said Friday. Organisers in charge of the city’s preparations said the worker died while dismantling a crane that was used to install the roof of the Arena da Amazonia, the stadium which will host England’s opening game against Italy. It is the third death of a worker in or near the stadium in Manaus. Eric Gamboa, a spokesman for the local government department organising the World Cup in the city, said the man’s name was not being immediately released, but confirmed he worked for Portuguese company Martifer, a multinational focused in metal constructions. Citing local authorities, Brazilian media … Read entire article »

Work halted on Curitiba stadium in latest World Cup setback

Work on a Brazilian football stadium which is being refurbished for the 2014 World Cup has been suspended after a judge ruled there were safety concerns. The Arena da Baixada stadium in the city of Curitiba is due to stage four matches during the World Cup. Refurbishment work on the stadium is already lagging behind schedule. Judge Lorena Colnago said workers were at serious risk of accidents. She ordered a new inspection be carried out before work could resume. “Countless infractions have been committed, in various stages of the building process,” the judge from Brazil’s labour tribunal said. She said workers were in danger of “being buried, run over and of collision, falling from heights and being hit by construction … Read entire article »

World Cup 2014: unionists visit the works of Arena Pantanal

World Cup 2014: unionists visit the works of Arena Pantanal

About 50 unions’ representatives who participate in the “Campaign for Decent Work towards and beyond 2014″ visited the works of the stadium Arena Pantanal in Cuiabá, Mato Grosso, Brazil. The objective was to evaluate the working conditions and the labor relations in one of the works for the 2014 World Cup. Coordinated by the direction board of SITRAICCCM and its the … Read entire article »